Monday, June 10, 2013

Bali is in the North so I reckon it counts :-)

The first few days of a 14-day holiday in Bali. 
Rather than start a whole new blog, I thought I'd piggy back onto this one as all holidays are about food - aren't they???

5th of June
Our first night was spent in Kuta at the Mega Grand Resort and Spa Hotel. We arrived at about 8:45pm so, staying nearby made sense.
Our driver took us to a warung where we could get a bite on the way to the hotel.
Unfortunately, no photos of the food this time but some lovely photos of the hotel room to follow (when we can extract them from the camera).
I've switched to the iPhone now as it is more portable and we can load the photos straight away, thanks to a little shop in Ubud called "Zoom" where we actually got a genuine iPhone 5 accessory!

6th of June
After a beaut breakfast, we thought we'd cross the road to a mini mart and get some bottled  water. OMG! 6 lanes full of traffic with no gaps (bemos, buses, cars, 4wd and many, many motorbikes and scooters). We watched a local step out with his arm raised to the side, palm facing the traffic, making a calming motion. The traffic slowed and he made his way across the whole road that way. We weren't confident and continued to wait.
At some point the locals took pity on us and one of the traffic controllers for the hotel crossed half way and blew his whistle to slow the traffic so we could cross.

At 11am, we were collected by Nyoman, a local man from Ubud who drove us from Kuta to the Ananda Cottages Hotel where we were to stay for our first three days in Ubud.
The photos of the food from the first 2 days were taken on the camera, so same story as before. 
We had a beautiful bungalow with an open-air bathroom. 
The bath was big enough for two :-)
There was also a spacious balcony where we ate breakfast each day. Some photos:

King sized bed and couch
our balcony

a bath for two

and a rice paddy view!
I'll pop some photos of the food we had a the restaurant here later.

7th to 9th of June
Some photos of breakfast at Ananda cottages Hotel. 

breakfast is usually included with your room in Bali and always includes a plate of fruit and tea or coffee
nasi goreng with a fried egg was a favourite for us