Monday, March 21, 2011

Virginia Tavern

So, Desi and I landed at Virginia Tavern on St Patrick's day. We'd been out to Bees Creek teaching Soo Bahk Do and rather than wait until we got back in to town to eat, we thought eating locally would be better. The food was very good.
Desi had the grilled fish and chips while I had the chicken parmigiana with chips and salad.
The chicken parmigiana was made from a whole huge chicken breast (I had to take half home) and the chips were awesomley(?) crispy and cooked with fresh oil.

The grilled fished looked tender and well cooked. All of the salad ingredients were fresh and tasty.
It took a while for the food to come, but I'd eat there again, the food is good :-)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Food in the 'burbs

I dined out in the suburbs last night. The meal was gorgeous as always, but I'm blogging about what was being made for the kids lunches the next day!
The most delicious little sausage rolls. The pastry was light and crisp and the filling was a delicious, meaty mixture with lots of vegetable in it (tricky parents!). No tomato sauce required!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


This time with pictures, thanks to my awesome new Nokia C5 phone :-)
Desi and I went to K-tong (at Casuarina, above the food court) on Friday night, she already knew what she was going to have, as did I :-)
Desi ordered the beef noodle soup and I ordered the BBQ pork chow mein, the same dish as I have had the last two times I came here!
When her soup came out, I could smell the star anise that had been used in the broth, fabulous!
The chow mein is just awesome! The noodles are fried and then covered in a delicious savoury sauce that tastes a little of ginger. There is a lot of vegetable in the dish and generous amounts of the BBQ pork that I love.
On the two previous occasions I came here and had the same dish for my lunch, it was large enough for two! I had to take it away. This time it was simply a nice large serve for one.
They are pretty busy here, so the only downside is that you don't always have a clean table to sit at.
At $14.50, the chow mein is a good price for the amount you get and the service is quick and friendly.