Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ethical food is good food

Just read the lastest Gourmet traveller, there's an article in it about Eduardo Sousa who is farming free range geese and producing ethical fois gras. This is a great sign of times to come.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

cafe central

I met a friend at cafe central on Rossiter Street, Rapid Creek, for a late and leisurely breakfast after staying up to watch the individual time trial stage of the Tour de France last night.

The service is always prompt and friendly and the coffee is always good. My friend had scrambled eggs, tomato and mushrooms while I had the omelette with chorizo, roasted capsicum and spinach.

I've had the vegetarian big breakfast there before and that was fantastic! Eggs, spinach, baked beans, tomato and mushrooms. They do nice wholemeal toast as well.

On this occasion, the roasted capsicum tasted like it came from a jar and the chorizo was soggy.
My friend's eggs were rubbery and the mushrooms were a bit old.

FOOD: okay (and the coffee's good)
SERVICE: good-very good
AMBIENCE: suburban streetside but shaded well

and I love that it's in the suburbs!

Friday, July 23, 2010

the show

A delicious surprise this morning was a beef satay at the Darwin Show.
The beef was tender and not overcooked and the marinade was really tasty, not too salty and a little bit sour.
$3.00 for as much meat as a small steak was good value too!

An extra point for serving it on baking paper so all of the juices didn't soak through.

food and service in Darwin

I think that Darwin's restaurants don't have a lot in the way of service unless you're dining at the high end of town - not good enough! I love dining out and I'm going to check out restaurants and other food places in Darwin and share my findings on both the food and the service!

I'll look at ambience, service quality, wine list, value for money and food quality.

I'd love any suggestions for places to check out and hearing about your experiences too!